Create Dynamic Experiences with ease.

Increase engagement with on-site marketing campaigns across your store’s pages that can’t be ignored

Instagram-like experience on your store. lets you create stories with ease for product recommendations and special promotions. Include rich content, videos, gifs, and more.

Every product has a story, why not share it?

Telling the story of your product allows you to capture the imagination of your customers and convince them to buy.

Build on-site marketing campaigns in minutes

Push products you want to sell more using tempting flash campaigns. Dialogue no-code platform allows you to configure any on-site marketing campaign for every occasion without the need of a developer.

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What people say?

We have been able to achieve a complete overhaul of our on-site engagement strategy and our personalization methods are flowing more than ever. Within two weeks we were able to launch more experiences than we would have done in a year!
Hadar Geva
L'OCCITANE eCommerce Director
Dialogue has proven to show us substantial results, both in increased conversion rates, session value and time on site. Dialogue’s solution has the ability to generate content automatically and then personalize it, resulting a ‘hands-free’ solution that does not require any work on our side.
Shira Mimon
NUNUNU Ecommerce Director
Effortless solutions that enriches our users’ journey on site and delivers outstanding results. The platform provides the most relevant product for each customer based on many different elements, and Dialogue has everything based on an AI.

Shani Ben-Shushan
SABON eCommerce Director

Your online store is a story waiting to be told.
Tell it well.

Create a memorable user experience on your website using Instagram-like stories, automated smart banners, well-designed ‘How-To’ slideshows, and engaging rich content.

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