Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Design and product architecture are both critical parts in our day-to-day job. As dialogue strives to enhance customers' experiences, we understand that technology should resonate through a beautiful and intuitive interface and that design is a major-part of our value proposition

5 key qualities our Graphic designer will need to have:

  • Passionate about understanding how users behave - a mix of psychology with UX
  • Killer hand - we will need to see past work
  • Have past experience building online products
  • Bold and crazy to try new stuff
  • Team player who knows how to collaborate and brainstorm with all kinds of people with different skills

Have a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication or Interactive Design? Those aren’t must-haves, but they’ll definitely count in your favor.

Content Manager (English Speaking)

Words are the basis on which our technology lays. We use words with great respect and extra care. Each experience by Dialogue is a one that conveys a message that is right, real and attractive.

Your job:

The job of our future content writer will include proof-reading and approving some of our AI end result.

  • Verify the quality of our results
  • Go over auto-generated messages and make changes if necessary
  • Work with the product team to improve our performance

Marketing aspects:

  • Build our marketing materials
  • Manage our social, including LinkedIn and our blog.

5 key qualities our content writer will need to have:

  • Native speaker, born and raised in an English speaking country
  • Experience producing and editing everything from one line description to full blog posts
  • Love for content and the ability to deliver complex ideas in a short, spot on and coherent description
  • Marketing instinct – 'You know what sell best'
  • Auto-deduct with the ability to do research and translate it to a well written marketing document

Have a Bachelor of Business or Communications? Those aren’t must-haves, but they’ll definitely count in your favor.